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About Beverly Serrell

Beverly’s most recent book is the The Big Idea eBook. This is a fun and beautiful workbook created by Beverly Serrell and Paul Rodríguez about the “Big Idea,” a tool for exhibit developers.

Probably best known as the author of Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach, Beverly’s communication and evaluation philosophies extend far beyond the realm of labels. Her work in exhibit planning and evaluation supports the evolution from knowledge-based, artifact-laden displays to narrative-based, visitor-centered experiences. She operates on the belief that visitors are diverse, motivated, interested people who deserve accessible, meaningful, excellent exhibitions.

Beverly garnered valuable in-house museum exhibit experience as head of a museum education department for eight years. Before that she taught high school science and worked as a biological research lab technician.

Honors and Awards

American Alliance of Museums
      Centennial Honor Roll, 2006
Beverly was selected by the American Alliance of Museums as one of 100 museum professionals for its Centennial Honor Roll of Museum Champions. AAM said, “The honorees have supported the profession and helped make America’s museums places of discovery, inspiration, community, joy, and lifelong learning. They have truly shown leadership to the field and service to the public throughout their careers.”

National Science Foundation
      Grant for Exploratory Research, April 2002-Sept 2003. Resulting professional development concept: A Framework for Judging Exhibitions  
      Grant for Exploratory Research, March 1996-February 1997. Resulting outcome: Database for Paying Attention: Museum Visitors and Exhibitions
The J. Paul Getty Museum
      Guest Scholar, July-September, 1995. Resulting publication: Exhibit Labels first edition, first draft.

About Serrell & Associates

From 1979 to 2020, Serrell & Associates provided interpretive graphics, evaluation, and conceptual planning for exhibitions of all sizes and types of museums (see Clients). The Associates have included designers, other evaluators, exhibit developers, and editors on an as-needed basis.

After years of many small and large projects, visitor studies, and publications (see Writings), S&A is moving in a new direction: Beverly has retired! The emphasis is now on mentoring, teaching, and sharing knowledge and discussions about research and practice with other museum professionals and museum studies students. Work will only be for love, not money.